Submit a website

If you want to submit a website send an email to submit@uxtrophy.com with the domain. We'll send you an email when the site gets featured on UX Trophy.

What should I write in the email?

Please add the URL to your website and a short sentence about what the website is about. You can also mention certain areas or features of the website you want us to look at.

When will my website get featured?

You will receive an email when your site gets featured. Currently, we're checking the submissions one by one. Websites which have a cool User Interface and a great User Experience will get featured on UX Trophy. We're planning to add the possibility to rate submission on UX Trophy, so stay tuned.

I have submitted my website but it's not featured, why?

Either we haven't reviewed your website yet, or we decided not to featured it. Feel free to submit your website again if you updated it.

Can I submit websites not created by me?

Generally, you can submit any website you want. We'll check the UI and UX of the site and feature it if both are great. If you want to get your website removed from UX Trophy, please send an email to julian@uxtrophy.com

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© 2017 - UX Trophy

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